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3S Flex Chair

3S Flex Chair
  • 3S Flex Chair

About 3S Flex Chair

The 3s Flex is designed to provide greater flexibility and improved posture by combining therapeutic stretching movements with Japanese shiatsu massage techniques. This chair stretches every part of the body from your shoulders to your hamstrings. The 3S Flex stretches your core through its back and shoulder movements that exercise the diaphragm and induce deep breathing. This type of breathing has been proven to increase oxygenation of the blood, calming the nervous system, reducing blood pressure, improving metal clarity whilst delivering a sense of peace and calm. 11 Pre-Programmed Options including Full Body and Stretch, Stretch All, Full Body, Low Body as well as unlimited customisation for your unique massage/stretch experience. The stretching and body mobility features of the 3S Flex are complemented by air-cell compressions of arms, legs and feet, along with optional heating of the hands and soles of feet.
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