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Dreamwave Chair

Dreamwave Chair
  • Dreamwave Chair

About Dreamwave Chair

The Dreamwave has been designed to enhance natural healing and well-being through shiatsu massage and Japanese Inada quality. The result is a massage chair that optimally enhances health and wellness while reducing stress. The Dreamwave maximises relaxation by covering more area than any other chair on the market – 1200 square inches. The full body massage provided by the Dreamwave is proven to help remove tension and stiffness from the body. The unique shiatsu point detection technology begins with a body scan so the Dreamwave adapts the massage to the individual. The 16 Pre-programmed massage options given by the Dreamwave are more than any other massage chair. The Dreamwave offers a deep relaxation option as well as heating options and each massage can be customised to the individual needs. A Youth programme ensures that the Dreamwave is a versatile chair and ideal for the whole family.
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